Daniel and Ania

adoption is about…

finding a family for a child. It is about finding a safe place where their soul and spirit are nurtured, empowered and held very dear.

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Our Home and Family

Our beginning

We met in 2007, amid music, dancing and laughter with a big group of friends. Our paths crossed again in 2009 and we started dating. In 2011, we were married and since then, we have continued traveling the world and having fun!

Home sweet home!

We live in an A+ school zone with great neighbors. Our back yard is a sandy beach and we have kid parks open year round.

Our Family

We have a big, multiracial, multinational, loving and supportive family!

Time to save some lives!

  • Holds a Doctorate in Pharmacy and a Bachelor’s degree in Food Science

She enjoys:

  • volunteering, photography, music (Ed Sheeran, Jason Derulo)
  • planning trips and visiting zoos around the world

ANIA BY DANIEL: Ania is one of the most generous and empathetic people I know. When COVID began, she started volunteering at our town food bank. She is one smart cookie – loving, nurturing and a great cook. She loves to laugh and joke!

Ania is a certified college tutor.

Daniel eats ice cream wherever he goes!

Seeing the Northern Lights!

  • Holds a Masters in Information Technology
  • Enjoys the flexibility of teleworking as a system integration manager

He enjoys:

  • baseball – playing, coaching, or anything related to baseball
  • fishing, dancing, traveling, and music (Mark Anthony, Shakira)

DANIEL BY ANIA: Friends and family describe him as a sweet, polite, and a true gentleman. Always present when needed, he wakes up happy and continues the day enjoying life, the kids, wife and dog. He is determined, the biggest cheerleader and a softy.